Classification of the Committees

Currently there are 22 Committees specifically categorized into: Sectoral, House-Keeping, Investigatory/Audit and other Committees.

Sectoral Committees
  1. Sectoral Committee on Finance and Social Economic Planning
  2. Sectoral Committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Food Security
  3. Sectoral Committee on Health Services
  4. Sectoral Committee on Culture, Gender, Youth and Community Development
  5. Sectoral Committee on Transport and Infrastructure
  6. Sectoral Committee on Trade, Industry, Tourism and Cooperatives
  7. Sectoral Committee on ICT, Early Childhood Education and Vocational Training 
  8. Sectoral Committee on Devolution and Public Service
  9. Sectoral Committee on Water, Irrigation and Sanitation
  10. Sectoral Committee on Environment and Climate Change
  11. Sectoral Committee on Lands and Urban Planning
House-Keeping Committees
  1. County Assembly Procedure and Rules Committee
  2. County Assembly Business Committee
  3. Powers and Privileges Committee
  4. Liaison Committee
  5. Committee on Broadcasting and Communication
Investigatory/Audit Committees

The Public Investments and Accounts Committee

Other Select Committees​​
  1. Committee on Delegated County Legislation
  2. Committee on Implementation
  3. Budget and Appropriations Committee
  4. Committee on Appointments
  5. Committee on Selection