Assembly Vision, Mission and Core Values


“To be a model Assembly fulfilling its mandate to the people of Makueni County”


“To engage all stakeholders in the resolve to make Makueni ‘the County of promise’”

Core Values

Our core values are guided by the values and principles of public service and governance set out under Article 10 and 232 of the Constitution. Specifically, County Assembly of Makueni subscribes to the following core values:

Professionalism and Teamwork – we conduct our business with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics while embracing the spirit of teamwork
Objectivity and Impartiality – we offer objective non-discriminatory advice and services to the County Assembly, its Committees and Members
Transparency and Accountability – we uphold high moral standards, transparency and trustworthiness in our interactions with employees and the general public taking responsibility of the resources and functions entrusted to us by the public
Fairness and Equity – we promote equity in dealing with the Honorable Members and members staff in the County Assembly service
Prudence – we ensure public resources within our reach are efficiently, effectively and economically utilized
Respect – we regard our employees and stakeholders with esteem
Diversity – we recognize the diverse backgrounds of the employees of the Service and promote national integration
Unity – we foster understanding, cohesiveness and co-operation between the County Executive and the County Assembly in the context of principle of separation of powers and complementarity