The County Assembly Service Departments

In discharging its mandate as set out in Section 12 (7) (b) of the County Government Act and the County Assembly Service Act No. 24 of 2017, the County Assembly Service Board (CASB) has established the following Departments in Makueni County Assembly Service:-

The Secretariat of the Speaker’s Office

The Secretariat of the Speaker’s Office is charged with overseeing the administrative affairs of the Office of the Speaker. The Secretariat coordinates the activities of the Speaker’s Office and closely liaises with the Speaker and the Clerk on the management of affairs of the Assembly. The Secretariat also serves as a link between the political and technical offices for effective functioning of the Assembly. The Secretariat is headed by a Director.

Office of the Clerk

The Clerk is Chief Administrative Officer responsible for the day to day running of the institution. The Clerk also serves as the Accounting Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Secretary to the County Assembly Service Board as well as the chief procedural advisor on legislative matters.

Legislative and Procedural Services

The Legislative and Procedural Services Department coordinates and supervises the functions and operations of the Table Office. This includes marshalling/processing of published Bills, Motions and Sessional Papers, weekly programme of business, preparation and timely circulation of Order Papers, Votes and Proceedings as well as keeping custody of all the County Assembly Journals. The Directorate also coordinates matters connected to Parliamentary Associations and offers Legislative and Procedural advice to the Speaker, Members of the County Assembly, Presiding Officers and other staff during the legislative process. The Directorate is headed by a Director Legislative and Procedural Services.

Committee Services

The County Assembly Committees are established pursuant to Section 14 (1) (b) of the County Governments Act, 2012 and the Makueni County Assembly Standing Orders among other legislation. The Committees are units comprised of Honorable Members within the Legislative arm of the County Government mandated to carry out investigations, in-depth analysis and review of public policy and proposed Bills, among other matters, more closely than would be possible in Plenary Sessions. Currently there are 21 Committees categorized into: Sectoral, House-Keeping, Investigatory/Audit and other Committees. Additionally, the Assembly may establish Ad Hoc Committees to investigate, study and make recommendations on any assigned matter for consideration. The Department is currently headed by a Senior Clerk Assistant.


The Hansard is an official record of the debates and procedures of the County Assembly. It is a record of what is said in the House and a record of the procedural events of the House. The Department is headed by a Hansard Editor and is tasked with recording, transcribing, publication and dissemination of the Official Report of the Makueni County Assembly. The Hansard plays an integral role in forming part of the institutional memory and in facilitating the business of the Assembly.

Legal Services

The Legal Department is charged with management and administration of legal affairs. This includes provision of in house legal services such as drafting and reviewing of private member’s Bills and legislative proposals, drafting of amendments to Bills, preparation of vellum copies of Bills passed by the House, legal interpretation of the law, Bills and general advise on legislation, research on assorted legal and procedural matters. The department is committed to ensure delivery of high quality services in a timely and efficient manner. Currently the Department is headed by a Principal Legal Counsel.


The Sergeant-at-Arms Department is responsible for security, chamber/ceremonial duties that include custody of the mace and execution of the Speakers orders as well housekeeping duties. It is also mandated with operations and liaison functions to enable the County Assembly effectively discharge its mandate, especially, during Chamber and Committee Sittingss. The Department is headed by a Chief Sergeant at Arms.

Finance and Accounts

Finance and Accounts is a support service department in the County Assembly that mainly handles the accounting and budgeting function. This includes processing of annual budgets estimates, overall financial management and control of voted funds, tax planning, advising the Clerk on financial and accounting matters and preparation of annual accounts and financial statements. The Department is headed by a Principal Finance Officer.

Internal Audit

The Department is charged with; reviewing and evaluating budgetary performance, financial management, transparency and accountability mechanisms and processes, the effectiveness of financial and non-financial performance management systems and giving reasonable assurance to the County Assembly Service Board on the state of risk management, control and governance. The Department is headed by a Senior Internal Auditor.


The Procurement Department is charged with procuring and disposal of goods and services within the framework of the Constitution and other relevant laws. Specific functions entail inventory control, distribution and maintenance of procurement records. The Department is headed by a Senior Procurement Officer.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

HRM Department is charged with organization and administration of staff for effective performance and productivity. Specific functions include staffing (organization structure, employment, HR planning, promotion, deployment, attachment, internship, volunteerism); HR Policy (HR rules, regulations and policy, terms and conditions of service); job performance (job description, performance appraisal, awards, discipline); employee relations and welfare (labor laws, transport, catering, maintenance and repairs) and Registry. Currently the Department is headed by a Senior Human Resource Management Officer.

Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development department is charged with training and development of the Members of County Assembly and staff. Additional functions of the Department include management of payroll, terminal benefits and exists as well as administration of insurance services. The Department is currently headed by a Senior Human Resource Development Officer.

Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

The Information Communication and Technology Department is a support department comprising four sections; Information Technology (IT), Public Communications and Media Relations, Library and Information Services as well as Research. The Department is responsible for providing technical infrastructure and user support, undertaking ICT governance and formal controls over IT systems, updating of ICT governance framework and administering and supporting the LAN/WAN infrastructure. The Department is also tasked with information dissemination, maintaining the image of the Assembly, publicity, media liaison, protocol and coordination of public relations activities. In addition, the Department facilitates research and analysis on topical issues as well as overseeing management and administration of library services. The Department is headed by a Senior ICT Officer.